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Validate my existence by clicking buttons on the internet

Those of you viewing my posts on the blog itself may notice that I’ve added a handful of social media buttons to single post views. This is pretty much par for the course on most blogs, so I thought it was only appropriate that I append a few of my own. It’s not much—Facebook, for instance, is conspicuously absent, as their buttons are huge, unpleasant, and full of tracking code. But most people, myself included, probably have a personal system for sharing content to Facebook, anyway, so I just went with a Twitter, Google+, and StumbleUpon trifecta. These will probably become more useful once I start writing actual content, which is happening, I promise.

I spent some time and managed to assemble the buttons in a way that’s still valid XHTML, albeit a bit hack-y. It’s a regrettable compromise, as Google’s +1 button uses weird DOM implementation, and the only alternative is HTML5. (Twitter’s button is HTML5, as well.) Thanks to TVD at TechOctave for the base code for Twitter’s button!

I also had to go into the PHP for the Disqus plugin… again… to fix a validation error that surfaced after updating. Guys, you can make your plugin W3C-valid without my help. Promise! (That said, if you want to hire me to do it for you, I’m all ears.)

Alright, lunchtime. I’m out! Ciao, bella!

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Alright, crisis averted! After much DNS switching and PHP editing and gnashing of teeth, we’re switched over to WordPress, which, I have to say, I really missed. I’m sorry that I didn’t do it this way from the outset.

Everything should look and feel basically the same for people accessing the site from its regular address (—better, even, since the site code now validates as proper XHTML 1.1 Strict (edit: now XHTML + RDFa). I’ve installed a plugin to continue feeding posts from here to Tumblr, so people who prefer to read there are welcome to continue doing so, and Disqus is set up for commenting here, just as before. Easy-peasy! These are new plugins to me, so please let me know if anything breaks so I can take a look at the problem!

The Disqus comment plugin is particularly interesting, and I hope it works well. I made some changes to a couple of PHP files to correct some weird issues and invalid code. If they hold up to actual usage, I’ll post my modified files here for anyone who’s using the plugin and wants to save a little time in getting validated.

Thanks for being patient, internet! Now it’s time for tea and cookie recipes! I love December.